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Tekken Hentai

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Furry Hentai Story: "A FOREST TALE 3: Fulfillment"

This is not mine it was writen by Bernard Doove

I was enjoying watching the unfamiliar scenery passing by. We were in a ground car on a back road in America on the way to a foxtaur community where Goldfur’s mate was to introduce us to his family. My mind wandered back a couple of days to when we were first introduced to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We met Red soon after we had gotten back from our mountain retreat. Kris, Trina and I arranged to have Goldfur bring him over for dinner. They arrived at exactly the appointed time with Goldfur’s usual remarkable timing. Red seemed a bit shy and shi had to urge him inside to meet us. He was a handsome foxtaur, his coat having the common red fox markings, but the colour was an unusually deep shade of red, thus earning him his nickname. His fur was well kept and shiny, and his tail was proud and bushy. His only clothing was a wonderful soft leather vest that looked home-made, but with great craftsmanship. We all gathered in the spacious living room for formal introductions.

Goldfur announced, “I would like everyone to meet Garrek, my love-mate. Garrek, this is my sister Forestwalker.”

I stepped up and embraced him and said, “You are welcome in our home Garrek. And please, just call me Forest.”

After a moment’s hesitation, he returned the hug. He definitely was a shy one! He said, “I’m pleased to meet you after hearing so much about you from Goldfur. And all my friends call me Red.”

“Well, Red, I would like you to meet my life-mates, Kris and T Continue reading

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Another Day at Hawk Lake

So, this is my first erotic lit. I couldn’t find a better place for it, so if you want them furry, make ‘em all lions. I like lions.


Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this are 18 or older.


Thump. “Mark, wake up.” Thump. “Mark?” Wham! “Wake up, you wanker!”

Mark Auburn slowly opened his eyes and looked up into the face of his counselor. “Fuck off, Chris.” He closed his eyes again. Suddenly, he felt himself tipping as his counselor, Chris, dumped him out of his cot. Just another day at Hawk Lake. Mark was spending the summer at this camp in lieu of a job, to his chagrin. Easier for his parents to dump him here than deal with him at home, huh? He got up off the floor and shot his counselor the bird. He slipped into a pair of sweats and a fresh t-shirt, and left the cabin. He met up with his best friend, Jack Greenbaum on the porch.  “S.S.D.D, huh Jack?”

The curly-haired Jewish guy nodded. “Just another day on the lake.” They moved off to the mess hall for breakfast.

While digging into their powdered eggs and dry homefries, Mark spotted her. Shannon Darmen, the pretty girl he was currently into. Her blonde hair, tucked into a ponytail this morning, the bulge of her breasts under the MIAMI sweatshirt, her perfect behind curving out from the tight pajama pants. Mark caught himself staring and quickly looked away. He turned to Jack. “Today’s the day. I’m gonna ask her.”

“Go for it, Mark. She’s one hell of a chick. And besides, those Jewish girls don’t get enough love from us Jewish boys.” He laughed. “So, when? General Swim?”

&ldq Continue reading

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Furry porn story part 10: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

gif” border=”0″ alt=”” width=”292″ height=”300″ align=”right” /> With that I grabbed my carisak and headed back down the trail in the general direction of the shots. We had gone perhaps half a kilometre when a couple more shots rang out, disturbingly near. It was time to leave the path. I plunged into the bush and heard Midnight following close behind. I turned to look at hir and found it hard to see hir at all. Shi was a living shadow and, if shi wasn’t moving, I would have a hard time detecting hir without hearing or scenting hir first. As we made our way further into the bush, I began to hear the occasional voice or the breaking of branches. What clumsy fools these people were. If they were after animals, most would surely be in hiding and would be safe from capture or shooting. The gentle breeze was no help as they were downwind. Then we spotted some lights. Some were moving, but the strongest were stationary. “What do you reckon? ” Midnight asked. “Do you think it’s their campsite? ”
“Maybe. I think it’s just a base of operations for the night’s activities. Poachers don’t tend to hang around long after they have raided an area. But we still have to confirm that’s what they are doing and not jump to conclusions. You hang back and I’ll creep up for a closer look. ”
“Okay, just don’t get too far ahead. ” With that, shi disappeared into the shadows. Even knowing where to look, I could not spot hir. …to be continued!

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