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Furry Hentai Story: "A FOREST TALE 3: Fulfillment"

This is not mine it was writen by Bernard Doove

I was enjoying watching the unfamiliar scenery passing by. We were in a ground car on a back road in America on the way to a foxtaur community where Goldfur’s mate was to introduce us to his family. My mind wandered back a couple of days to when we were first introduced to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We met Red soon after we had gotten back from our mountain retreat. Kris, Trina and I arranged to have Goldfur bring him over for dinner. They arrived at exactly the appointed time with Goldfur’s usual remarkable timing. Red seemed a bit shy and shi had to urge him inside to meet us. He was a handsome foxtaur, his coat having the common red fox markings, but the colour was an unusually deep shade of red, thus earning him his nickname. His fur was well kept and shiny, and his tail was proud and bushy. His only clothing was a wonderful soft leather vest that looked home-made, but with great craftsmanship. We all gathered in the spacious living room for formal introductions.

Goldfur announced, “I would like everyone to meet Garrek, my love-mate. Garrek, this is my sister Forestwalker.”

I stepped up and embraced him and said, “You are welcome in our home Garrek. And please, just call me Forest.”

After a moment’s hesitation, he returned the hug. He definitely was a shy one! He said, “I’m pleased to meet you after hearing so much about you from Goldfur. And all my friends call me Red.”

“Well, Red, I would like you to meet my life-mates, Kris and T Continue reading

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A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

This is not my story it was wrote by Bernard Doove




The day had dawned still and clear. There was a chilly bite in the air that made it all the more refreshing. My fur and Trina’s easily kept us warm, but Kris’ fur was lighter and he preferred to wear a jacket, although I suspected that he wouldn’t need it for too long. The hike would soon warm him up and the weather promised another hot day.

We had our breakfast before dawn and we were prepared to leave shortly after sunup. It was our intention to make our way to the mountains to the south where the trail made its way through a high pass and it intersected with another path from the east. There we would meet with my sister, Goldfur, who would join us for our hike for the next couple of days. Shi seldom got the opportunity to travel with us as hir work as a starship technician kept hir a long way from Earth for many weeks. After about an hour of walking, the trail started winding its way up the mountainside. Unlike yesterday’s emergency, there was no rush, and we could take greater care negotiating the path, although it wasn’t as dangerous as the cliffside trail. We paused at one of the open areas to gaze out over the valley. The sunlight was reflecting off ripples on the lake and a flock of cockatoos was noisily making its way to some feeding site. Everywhere else was virtually unbroken green with the bluish tinge that results from eucalyptus oil in the air. I felt very possessive of this beautiful country and I’m pleased to be able to contribute to maintaining it in its near pristine state.

We proceeded with our hike and it wasn’t long before we ha Continue reading

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A Forest Tale 1: Reunion

This is not my story it was wrote by Bernard Doove



The sights and smells of the eucalyptus forest were always special to me. It was spring; the rain and sun had worked its usual magic on the plantlife. Everything was in full growth because it was too soon yet for the country to start drying out. Numerous small creeks could be heard making their way down to meet their larger brethren and the soil and compost beneath my paws was moist and smelled delightfully earthy and alive.


I was making my way along a barely discernible track that meandered between towering mountain ash and around stands of tree-ferns. No easy walking trail this; it also turned into a rock-climb in parts. It was infrequently used due to its length and difficulty, but I was in heaven. I loved this temperate bushland and I was always pleased to find an excuse to come out this way. I am a chakat, a feline taurform morph named Forestwalker. I had earned my adult name from my frequent excursions into the bushlands that so suited lifeforms such as me. My human friends tell me how much they enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest. How much more my far sharper senses could tell me. My nose alone could tell me more about what was happening around me than a human’s full range of senses. As I travelled the trail, I was exploring the area by sound and smell, as well as sight, and it was utterly delightful.


However, today’s trek wasn’t a mere bushwalk. Today, I had a goal. I was heading for a hut built in a clearing near a small lake deep in the national park. Some hiking enthusiast had built it many years ago, but as it was on public land, it was available to any weary hiker passing b Continue reading

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Furry porn story part 18: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

The human started turning in that direction and I leapt into action. But I was only partway across when I realised that the man had not fixed his attention on the noise and was looking around and would soon spot me. I was committed now, I had to go on, but my chances were looking grim. Then Midnight’s voice was shouting, “Hey you over there! What do you think you are doing? ” Shi must have seen my predicament and was making a target of hirself. I could just see hir at the far edge of the clearing. The man was already moving his rifle back in hir direction. I poured on the speed but, just as I pounced on him, a shot rang out. I was horrified. Had I been too late? I had knocked him unconscious and I took only a moment to remove his gun and I immediately raced over to where I had seen Midnight. There shi was slumped on the ground and I feared the worst. Why did shi have to expose hirself like that? Shi had possibly saved my life by hir distraction, but was it at the cost of hir own? Then shi groaned. I turned hir head and saw blood leaking from a wound on hir forehead. The bullet had grazed hir head, marring hir perfect fur, but had appeared to have done no real damage other than stunning hir. Shi opened hir eyes and said, “Who dropped a boulder on me? ”
“Midnight! Thank the stars you’re not dead. What made you do such a foolish thing? You came damn close to being killed! …to be continued!

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Furry sex story part 17: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

” Midnight offered. “No. There’s too much chance of him glimpsing you by accident. ”
“Well, unless we’re prepared to use the weapons that we took away from those others, we’re going to be hard pressed to do anything about him. ”
“Somehow I think the authorities wouldn’t take too kindly to us shooting these guys, no matter what they’ve done. I’ve got some authority in my position as environmental watchdog for the national parks, enough so as not to get into trouble for clobbering these creeps, but it won’t let me get away with picking them off with a gun. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never learned how to use a rifle properly. ”
“Weapons training is a necessary part of scout training, but I’m not really prepared to use it against a human unless I was really desperate. ”
“That brings us back to square one. This calls for the oldest trick in the book: a diversion. If you go to the other side of the clearing and attract his attention by throwing a rock or something, I’ll be able to sprint up from behind and take him out. We’re faster on our feet than humans and I doubt that he will have allowed for that. ”
“Okay, but you be damned careful. ” So saying, shi slipped into the shadows and was gone. I plotted the best way to attack and moved to my left a few metres for a better approach angle. Then it was a matter of nervously waiting until the diversion occurred. …to be continued!

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Furry porn story part 16: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

We paused to listen to them, our sensitive ears easily making out their low muttering. It seems that they had already noticed the absence of the others that I had ambushed and they were speculating on why they hadn’t checked in. We split up and made our way to either side of them and slightly ahead of their path, our paws padding silently through the underbrush. Then we waited for them. Midnight was utterly invisible to them. My own jaguar patterning was almost as good in the moonlight. Being humans, they certainly couldn’t scent us. It was almost too easy to take them out. When I was sure that their weapons weren’t pointed at either of us, I gave a signal only Midnight could hear and we jumped them, overcoming them before they could raise an alarm. “Five down and at least three more to go,” Midnight grinned at me. “Not bad for a couple of amateurs, but let’s not get too cocky. Shall we check out that other on the far side of the camp? ” I queried. Without replying, Midnight started off in his direction. About halfway to where we had estimated him to be, we paused to get a sense-fix on him. We could detect only one person about 50 metres away. We began stalking him, but we encountered a problem. He had found a rocky outcrop in an open area that offered no concealment and he looked alert and prepared for trouble. If this man was confident enough to look out for himself, without someone to watch his back, he could be very dangerous. …to be continued!

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Furry porn story part 15: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

They’ve already been here nearly a full day at least. ”
“How do you know that? ” I asked. “Our unwilling guest here has really bad taste in loud clothes. I recognise them from that group at the fire we checked out this morning. I got a good look at them through the binoculars. Also, this is about where that campsite should be. ”
“Hmmm. They probably established themselves early to check out the terrain and perhaps any unexpected visitors. They could have set their traps then and are now collecting their victims. You’re right. They probably do plan to leave before daybreak. For all we know, they might be winding up their operations right now. No sense in any more speculating; let’s go see what’s happening. ”
We took off in the direction of the camp. Before we reached it, we paused to probe the surrounding area with our senses. “Two in the camp,” I announced. “Yes, and another two to the south. My nose tells me that there’s at least one other on the far side. Who do you want to take on first? ”
“Those two to the south. The ones in the camp probably won’t be going anywhere and I’d rather not have to worry about people suddenly returning while we deal with them. ”
We moved off in full stealth mode. We wanted no repeat of the events of the first meeting. We carefully crossed a potholed fire trail that led to the camp. The two were now about 20 metres away. …to be continued!

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