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Furry sex story part 17: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

” Midnight offered. “No. There’s too much chance of him glimpsing you by accident. ”
“Well, unless we’re prepared to use the weapons that we took away from those others, we’re going to be hard pressed to do anything about him. ”
“Somehow I think the authorities wouldn’t take too kindly to us shooting these guys, no matter what they’ve done. I’ve got some authority in my position as environmental watchdog for the national parks, enough so as not to get into trouble for clobbering these creeps, but it won’t let me get away with picking them off with a gun. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never learned how to use a rifle properly. ”
“Weapons training is a necessary part of scout training, but I’m not really prepared to use it against a human unless I was really desperate. ”
“That brings us back to square one. This calls for the oldest trick in the book: a diversion. If you go to the other side of the clearing and attract his attention by throwing a rock or something, I’ll be able to sprint up from behind and take him out. We’re faster on our feet than humans and I doubt that he will have allowed for that. ”
“Okay, but you be damned careful. ” So saying, shi slipped into the shadows and was gone. I plotted the best way to attack and moved to my left a few metres for a better approach angle. Then it was a matter of nervously waiting until the diversion occurred. …to be continued!

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Furry sex story part 12: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

“Nice pair of tits you got there sister. Maybe you and I could have some fun together, eh? ”
What!!? Apparently my turning around had let the camp lights illuminate my form. I hadn’t taken the time to put my halter-top back on and now, despite the inappropriate situation, all this human could think of were my bare furry breasts. That wouldn’t stop me from taking advantage of this lecherous boor’s distraction. I began playing up to him, trying to keep his thoughts on me. If Midnight was doing hir job, shi would have seen what had happened and would be doing something about it. I hoped it would be soon. Somehow I didn’t think that my looks would keep me safe for long, especially if he realised that I was an hermaphrodite. Many human males were uncomfortable with us because of that and I’d probably be a candidate for skinning. A chakat pelt would be a rare prize indeed. Suddenly a shadow snaked out from a nearby bush and yanked the rifle out of his hands. It was Midnight’s long, prehensile tail that had disarmed him. I had been prepared to act at any moment and I was on that creep in an instant. Unarmed, he was no match for a chakat and I knocked him out. The question was: did anyone hear our scuffle? I hauled his unconscious form onto my back and then, with Midnight’s help, carted him away from the camp and hid him, gagged and tied up with rope from my carisak. …to be continued!

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Furry sex story part 8: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

Our tactile and sensual natures had already nearly overwhelmed us and we were enjoying this too much to want to stop. It helped to know why I had been put into this position. As much as I loved my lifemates, and they me, my mates knew that I needed more interaction with my own kind. I once confessed that I wondered about having a cub one of these days. I could not become pregnant by Kris, nor could I fertilise Trina, and though my need was not urgent, they knew that my desire for a child would keep growing. So now it looked like they had conspired with my sister to play matchmaker. Undoubtedly Midnight was in a similar situation and we had been thrown together to see what happened. Not that I was going to get pregnant tonight. For starters, I wasn’t in season yet; but more importantly, despite our passion, we had known each other for only part of one day and having a cub meant so much more to a chakat than a mere frolic with a new friend. However, that didn’t mean that we couldn’t enjoy each other to the fullest. Casual affairs were common for us and, because I believed my lifemates had conspired to bring about this meeting, I knew that there wouldn’t be any jealous feelings on their part. I was feeling deep pleasure and I was about to step up the pace when our intimacies were rudely interrupted by the sound of a gunshot. It wasn’t too close but we all heard it clearly and all activity ceased. Moments later, there was another shot. …to be continued!

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Furry sex story part 7: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

It was time for some of that enthusiastic tactile interaction for which we chakats were unashamedly famous. I began to stroke the fur on Midnight’s back. Shi closed hir eyes and simply welcomed the sensation. Hir fur was unusually soft and I enjoyed the feel of it between my fingers. I liked to have my back fur petted, especially along the spine, and I thought the chances were good that shi would too. Shi started a rumble in hir chest, a chakat purr. Yes, shi liked it too! Then Goldfur surprised me by starting the same on me. Oooh! What a lovely feeling. I was definitely in the mood for something more physical. I took off my halter-top and Goldfur followed suit with hir hiking vest. Midnight still wasn’t wearing anything but hir fur, but shi looked as if shi was prepared to go a step further anyway. I reached up to hir face and gently guided hir lips to mine and then left it to hir to make the next move. Shi was apparently as excited as I was because, after being given this unspoken permission, shi began to enthusiastically kiss and fondle me. There we were muzzle to muzzle, stroking each other’s breasts, and absolutely revelling in the sensation. I was aware that Goldfur seemed to be doing hir best to be petting and stroking us both in an effort to heighten this sensual interplay. Then, when I glimpsed the other two watching us with grins on their faces, I knew for certain that we had been set-up. …to be continued!

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Furry sex story part 6: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

ulating,” Midnight replied. “If we do meet, you can ask them. Here come the others. Are you ready to push on?”
We continued our trek and while we found the walk enjoyable, there was nothing of particular interest to make the afternoon noteworthy. As evening approached, we found our campsite at the foot of the ranges in a sheltered spot convenient to a sparkling clear creek. This being a national park, we had brought our own food supplies along, although, if it had been otherwise, any one of us was quite capable of hunting up a meal. The chakats in the group had a distinct advantage though, in that we could eat almost anything, including some things that would kill humans and many other morphs like Trina. We soon had our own (very safe) campfire going and we joked and chatted as we prepared our meals. Finally Goldfur and I started catching up on each other’s lives.
As the sky darkened, we made ourselves comfortable around the fire. The moon was nearly full and the temperature pleasant. A near-perfect end to the day. Trina and Kris seemed engrossed in one another and I had Goldfur snuggling up on my left side and Midnight cosy at my right. Once again I suspected that a little subtle maneuvering was going on. Oh well, might as well enjoy it. It was not that often that I got to me …to be continued!

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