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Furry Porn Story: "Charlie"

With a curse Charlie slammed her fist into the top of her desk. She was failing Calculus Two. There was no way on earth Charlie could afford to fail again. This was the third time she had taken the class, and each time at mid-terms she had gotten her grade and had had to drop the class because she was failing.

This time she couldn’t fail. She was going to graduate from college in two months and there was no way in hell that she would push back her graduation date because she had failed that damn class again.

Charlie pushed herself away from her computer and stomped across her bedroom and down the stairs muttering evil things she would like to do to her Cal two professor. She was going to take her happy ass right on over to campus and bitch her teachers ear off. She was fucking bound and determined to save her grade.

On the way over to school, which was less than a ten minute drive across town, Charlie mentally got herself ready to do battle with her teacher. Professor Holloman was a thirty something year old math teacher who, according to his introduction on the first day of class, was married to teaching. He taught different classes of math, and his favorite was calculus, and he wanted them all to do their best and if they had any problems they should come and talk to him right away.

Charlie circled the parking lot and not finding a space worth having parked in a faculty spot. She could fucking care less if one of those damn Parking Nazi’s gave her a ticket. What was ten bucks compared to her future?

As she made her way to Professor Holloman’s office she told herself to cool down. It wouldn’t help a damn thing if she was so upset that she couldn’t see straight. It was really awful fault of hers, her whole family was even tempered cats, but she had a temper that could light a forest fire. She took deep breaths and steadily her stomps were replaced by regu Continue reading

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Furry hentai: The cellar

The handcuffs bit cruelly into Cimarron’s wrists as they held her suspended by a chain from the ceiling. Stretching her legs, she could feel the hot, sandy floor brushing against her hoof tips. Her shoulders burned and her chest ached under the strain of holding her full weight. Her legs were held apart by a spreader bar and ankle cuffs that were locked just above her hooves. Her clothes had been taken, leaving her completely bare to the fur. The air in the room felt hot and stagnant. Sweat rolled down her body, stiffening her fur and plastering her reddish-gold mane to the top of her head and along the back of her neck. She didn’t know how long she’d been here; hours, maybe even days. There was no light; no means of measuring the passage of time save for the seemingly regular visits of her ‘keeper.’

She had been fed and watered at least three times so far, or was it four? It was getting hard to tell. Each time her keeper had carefully slipped a tube passed her gag, pushing it almost gently down her throat before pumping some kind of thick paste into her stomach. This was followed by a brief flow of water that quenched her thirst. The tube was carefully withdrawn and she was left alone in the dark

Cimarron tried thinking back to how she’d gotten here. Her last memories had been of a bar near the campus. It was Friday night and she’d been celebrating the end of mid-term exams with a couple of her friends. Then nothing. She never drank to exc Continue reading

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A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

This is not my story it was wrote by Bernard Doove




The day had dawned still and clear. There was a chilly bite in the air that made it all the more refreshing. My fur and Trina’s easily kept us warm, but Kris’ fur was lighter and he preferred to wear a jacket, although I suspected that he wouldn’t need it for too long. The hike would soon warm him up and the weather promised another hot day.

We had our breakfast before dawn and we were prepared to leave shortly after sunup. It was our intention to make our way to the mountains to the south where the trail made its way through a high pass and it intersected with another path from the east. There we would meet with my sister, Goldfur, who would join us for our hike for the next couple of days. Shi seldom got the opportunity to travel with us as hir work as a starship technician kept hir a long way from Earth for many weeks. After about an hour of walking, the trail started winding its way up the mountainside. Unlike yesterday’s emergency, there was no rush, and we could take greater care negotiating the path, although it wasn’t as dangerous as the cliffside trail. We paused at one of the open areas to gaze out over the valley. The sunlight was reflecting off ripples on the lake and a flock of cockatoos was noisily making its way to some feeding site. Everywhere else was virtually unbroken green with the bluish tinge that results from eucalyptus oil in the air. I felt very possessive of this beautiful country and I’m pleased to be able to contribute to maintaining it in its near pristine state.

We proceeded with our hike and it wasn’t long before we ha Continue reading

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A Forest Tale 1: Reunion

This is not my story it was wrote by Bernard Doove



The sights and smells of the eucalyptus forest were always special to me. It was spring; the rain and sun had worked its usual magic on the plantlife. Everything was in full growth because it was too soon yet for the country to start drying out. Numerous small creeks could be heard making their way down to meet their larger brethren and the soil and compost beneath my paws was moist and smelled delightfully earthy and alive.


I was making my way along a barely discernible track that meandered between towering mountain ash and around stands of tree-ferns. No easy walking trail this; it also turned into a rock-climb in parts. It was infrequently used due to its length and difficulty, but I was in heaven. I loved this temperate bushland and I was always pleased to find an excuse to come out this way. I am a chakat, a feline taurform morph named Forestwalker. I had earned my adult name from my frequent excursions into the bushlands that so suited lifeforms such as me. My human friends tell me how much they enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest. How much more my far sharper senses could tell me. My nose alone could tell me more about what was happening around me than a human’s full range of senses. As I travelled the trail, I was exploring the area by sound and smell, as well as sight, and it was utterly delightful.


However, today’s trek wasn’t a mere bushwalk. Today, I had a goal. I was heading for a hut built in a clearing near a small lake deep in the national park. Some hiking enthusiast had built it many years ago, but as it was on public land, it was available to any weary hiker passing b Continue reading

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Furry porn story part 15: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

They’ve already been here nearly a full day at least. ”
“How do you know that? ” I asked. “Our unwilling guest here has really bad taste in loud clothes. I recognise them from that group at the fire we checked out this morning. I got a good look at them through the binoculars. Also, this is about where that campsite should be. ”
“Hmmm. They probably established themselves early to check out the terrain and perhaps any unexpected visitors. They could have set their traps then and are now collecting their victims. You’re right. They probably do plan to leave before daybreak. For all we know, they might be winding up their operations right now. No sense in any more speculating; let’s go see what’s happening. ”
We took off in the direction of the camp. Before we reached it, we paused to probe the surrounding area with our senses. “Two in the camp,” I announced. “Yes, and another two to the south. My nose tells me that there’s at least one other on the far side. Who do you want to take on first? ”
“Those two to the south. The ones in the camp probably won’t be going anywhere and I’d rather not have to worry about people suddenly returning while we deal with them. ”
We moved off in full stealth mode. We wanted no repeat of the events of the first meeting. We carefully crossed a potholed fire trail that led to the camp. The two were now about 20 metres away. …to be continued!

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Furry hentai story part 14: A FOREST TALE 2: Partnerships

I succeeded in knocking the rifle out of the hands of one of them and I restrained him with my tail while I concentrated my efforts on the other. He was strong, which is how he had managed to hang onto his weapon, but he was still no match for me. My pawhands had an unbreakable grip on the rifle and while he struggled to regain control of it, I knocked him senseless with my truehands. In the meantime, the other was trying to worm free of the constricting grip of my tail. I increased the pressure like a python crushing its prey, until the victim blacked out. It was the first time that I had the reason to try that particular trick and I was rather pleased that it had worked so well. I then tied them up too. I was rapidly running out of rope! I dragged them out of sight from the trail and then went back to where Midnight was waiting. “Well, anything to report? ” shi enquired. “Two less to worry about. No others in the immediate area. And you? ”
“Getting action in the middle of the night isn’t easy, but a team will be out here in about an hour. ”
“I reckon that too many of those creeps will get away. What say we have a go at rounding up a few more? ”
Midnight smiled a feral grin. “I’m game. How many did you see at their camp? ”
“There were five including the lecher, but that’s not counting others that might be out trapping or shooting. ”
“Yes, but you yourself said that they wouldn’t hang about. …to be continued!

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Furry foxes having sex

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